Their tiny fingers and toes. Their sweet little button noses and pouty lips. The peacefulness and perfection when they sleep and the gazes of wonder when they're awake. Capturing beautiful imagery of your baby is just fills my cup!

Whether you're expecting and planning on capturing the precious first few weeks with a newborn session or celebrating the chubby rolls and new milestones in the first year of life, I have a session to suit you & your baby. 












Best completed in the first two weeks of your baby's life outside the womb.
A studio newborn session includes posed images of your baby using my props and outfits, sibling & family photos.
Sessions run for 2-4 hours to allow for feeding and settling.

Prices from $650
Including 10 digitals

A studio newborn session includes naturally posed images of you and your baby
in your home environment as well as interactions with siblings and pets.
Sessions run for 1 hour in your home.

Prices from $750

Including 20 digitals

Still capturing the precious details of your baby, these sessions are shorter and more simple.

 Best for babies over one month old with minimal posing and prop use.
Sessions are up to 1 hour in studio
Prices from $350
Including 5 digitals


Sitting babies are just adorable and perfect to capture before they're on the move!
Best for babies sitting independently and not yet crawling.
Sessions are up to 30 mins in studio
Prices from $250
Including 5 digitals

Wow! You made it through the first year!
This session is the perfect way to celebrate with a portrait session,
cake or fruit and a cute bubble or milk bath.
Prices from $350
Including 10 digitals

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